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Our Mission Statement: Claremorris Visual Arts Community are a group of visual artists from various art disciplines, who’s aim it is to help each other in their artistic endeavours and to bring to the people of Claremorris and surrounding areas awareness, understanding, participation, and skills to help them reap the rewards that making art can bring on many levels. Claremorris is situated in beautiful County Mayo in the West of Ireland.

2021 CVAC Activities: We are currently exhibiting our themed group show ‘Intricate Weaves’ in Tuar Ard, Art Centre, Moate, Co. Westmeath during the months of July and August. We will then do a brief exhibit in Claremorris Townhall Gallery during the weekend of 10th – 12th of September, this is a special and local viewing to promote the Visual Arts here in our home town and region ! We will be bringing our updated and full exhibition ‘Intricate Weaves’ to Bellmullet Arts Centres next Easter- April 2022 !

2020 CVAC Activities:

A little taster for ‘Intricate Weaves’ was on exhibit at Claremorris Library during times it was open. Due to pandemic regulations we availed of the extra time in private studio practices quite happily.

Social Media Sources for Claremorris Visual Arts Community:

Please view our Instagram and Facebook social media platforms (links at bottom of page) to keep up-to-date with our current activities. We aim to keep our website fairly updated with relevant info too, so do please bookmark our page in your browser bar TY!

CVAC previous group Art Exhibition:

‘Visual8’ 2019 : Was Opened on Friday 26th October 2019 at 8pm in Claremorris Gallery, Mount St.  ‘Visual 8’ was opened for us by Mayo Arts officer Ann Marie Mc Ging. The exhibition ran daily until Friday 2nd November from 11am until 5pm.  We hosted a special ‘arts and education’ talk  with Dr. Ann O’Mahoney while CVAC Artists were available for meet and greet to our local public community in the gallery all week. It was a successful exhibition and we received very positive feedback in supporting the visual arts in and around the Claremorris area.

CVAC Group Exhibition 2018 : Claremorris Library September and October 2018. Launched on Mayo Culture Night, 21st September 2018. We are very grateful to all those persons who support an ongoing awareness of the benefits that  Art brings to our community. Go Raibh Maith Agat !

‘Gestures’ 2017: Claremorris Library. Our first group show.

CVAC came together in 2015 and have continued to evolve through observing our mission to support one another in our personal and community developments. We uphold our love of the visual fine arts, our integrity as individual artists and support each other within the group. CVAC is a not-for-profit group of independent Artists.

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